One of the most important areas of our firm, is the claim for accidents. In this sense we have specialists lawyers in this delicate matter that will occupy the entire procedure in order to achieve a satisfactory result for the client.


in general if the accident, motorist, occupant, etc.., has insurance especially with all risks coverage, is likely that the juridical assistant is covered by this insurance , however, that legal assistance sometimes performed by a lawyer who is thinking more about who pays (the company) than the insured: these many cases let you without a lawyer who can manage the dispute, advocating aggressively on your behalf and quickly, efficiently resolve the claim and the right compensation.

You have to see if your insurance policy covers you for the cost of external legal assistance, in this case, you can contact with any other lawyer that has nothing to do with the insurance company, who will actually be your defense attorney.


  • six months from the date of the accident to file the complaint for criminal proceedings.
  • One year from the date of the accident, to bring the demand to civil courts.
  • Seven days from the date of the accident to communicate it to the insurance company.