Our specialists in labor law and social security composed of lawyers and social graduates experts in the field, advising on all matters relating to this area of practice. Also we are part of the national association of labor lawyers (asnala), supporting our legal services in the workplace. Our attorneys can help both employers and workers prevent, address and resolve a variety of issues related to the employer-employee relationship. Here the advice includes:

Employment and restructuring:

  • Individual and collective dismissals.
  • Employment regulation expedients, suspension or termination of contracts.
  • Bankruptcy records.
  • Modifying collective working conditions.
  • Collective transfers.

Arbitration and litigation in the social jurisdictional order:

  • Arbitration and alternative dispute resolutions assistance with the center for mediation, arbitration and conciliation.
  • Individual procedures of all kinds (unfair discharge, wage claim …)
  • Social security disability claims, benefits, pensions…
  • Employment-related personnel disputes.
  • Discrimination, harassment.
  • Procedures for collective action.
  • Appeals to the supreme court.

Administrative and contentious-administrative proceedings:

  • Assistance to the labor of inspections.
  • Defense to disciplinary procedures.
  • Work related accidents.
  • Medical leave.
  • Social security debt settlements.
  • Resources on administrative litigation.

Labor recruitment:

  • Labor contracts in general and executives’ recruitment.
  • Pactos de exclusividad, no competencia y confidencialidad.
  • Immigration issues.
  • Residence card.
  • Nationality.

Collective bargaining:

  • Covenants and agreements of collective level.
  • Strikes.
  • Lockouts.